Will you give me the digital files of my designs or do I need to ask you every time I need changes?

Every time you need updates or changes to your designs, we expect you to ask us so we can ensure consistency across all your marketing material.

All logotypes are given to you on a CD in the following formats: EPS (this is an editable format), PDF and JPG.
Those formats can be used in-house or by your other service providers such as sign writers; printers; web developers etc.
Graphic Design for printed media, i.e.: brochures, flyers
If requested, we can give you a copy of the artwork in PDF format. If you require updates we will make the changes for you to ensure brand consistency.
Graphic design for web
For all web projects we can work in collaboration with web developers. All files are given to the web developer according to their specifications: Photoshop layered files or GIF, PNG or JPG images. Future changes to native files can be made by us or by your web developer.

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